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Lagoon nebula (M8)

“The Lagoon Nebula (catalogued as Messier 8 or M8, NGC 6523, Sharpless 25, RCW 146, and Gum 72) is a giant interstellar cloud in the constellation Sagittarius. It is classified as an emission nebula and as an H II region.
It was discovered by Giovanni Hodierna before 1654 and is one of only two star-forming nebulae faintly visible to the eye from mid-northern latitudes. Seen with binoculars, it appears as a distinct oval cloudlike patch with a definite core. Within the nebula is the open cluster NGC 6530.” (Wikipedia, 27th Apr 2019)

Date: 06th, 07th, 09th and 10th Jul 2016
Camera: Canon EOS 600Da
Filters: Astronomik Clip-Filter UV+IR Block
Optics: Skywatcher Explorer 200/100 Newton
Mount: NEQ6 Pro
Guiding: Lacerta MGEN (with OAG)

Exposure time: 14 x 600s (ISO 200)
Total exposure time: 2.3 hours
Calibration frames: bias, no flats, no darks
Dithering: Yes

Astrobin: www.astrobin.com/255895/
Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/K9cwuQ

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