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Welcome to my homepage!
Here you can find all my photographic work, mainly astrophotography.

Here’s a short overview about my website:

In the section “Latest News” I’ll post from time to time some information about me and my work if there is something important I want to tell you.
But don’t expect a post every day, we’ll see how often I will find time.

If you are looking for astrophotography check out the section “Astrophotography“. There you’ll find my photographs of objects inside and outside our solar system.

My very few animal photographs can be found in the section “Animal Photography“. I hope you like reptiles and amphibians…

In the section “Links” I made a list with some useful weblinks.
For example my profiles on other websites (Facebook, Flickr, Astrobin) or image processing tutorials.

The “About me“-section tells you all you need to know about myself.

And if you want to send me some lines feel free to do so in the section “Contact“.


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