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Yes, I am still alive!

My inital plan of having this website finished in january 2018 did not work out as one can see. The year 2018 had more to offer to me than expected at first.

During the end of 2017 and during the first weeks of 2018 I was working hard on my work on amateur research regarding asteroids. The hard work paid off and I won a special prize at the national contest “Swiss youth in science”, which enabled me to spend two weeks at the “London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)” in august. And this exact work should get published as an official paper during this year!
In spring/early summer there were also exams coming up to achieve my federal baccalaureate and I also took an exam for a language certificate.
All this combined together with my new job at the university of Bern at the end of the year was quite time consuming.

In the last months/years my astrophotography work stood still but this state is coming to an end! At the end of 2018 I bought a new telescope, a TS-Optics PHOTOLINE 115-mm-f/6,95-Triplet-Apo, and also a new camera, a QHY183c. In the last weeks, I also re-started my image capturing activity.
A lot of work lies ahead of me, like finishing this website and processing a lot of images. But some time during the sommer months the first results will be up on my (finally) finished website, so be excited!

– Fabian

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